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"But we can't eat this bird!"   "WHAT?  Is it Lent already?"   (from the movie Ladyhawke)

Yeah, almost.

Last night during choir, I could tell Lent was coming.  The calendar says so, but this was more a sense of it.  Obviously we are preparing music for the season.  Maybe it was the realization while practicing that I'll miss six weeks of rehearsal due to GRE prep.  No, that's not part of my Lenten discipline.  It's just a practical matter relating to the journey we're on.  But knowing I'll miss it and the choir, I sang with a prayerful purpose and focus.  It felt good and comforting.  

This Lent, with its time for soul-searching and repentance, and space to reflect and take stock, seems almost new to me.  Unlike past years, maybe it's a better understanding of what means to retreat into the wilderness with Jesus.  I have walked it some already, but I haven't gone the distance to see, feel or experience it fully.  That will come with time and practice.  But I have thought about my Lenten discipline for those 40 days.

For 'Heart', I will cook/prepare/provide dinner for Heart Of My Heart at least two nights a week.

For Mind, I've set aside books to read, at least one each week:  Turning My Mourning Into Dancing (Henri Nouwen), Ashes Transformed: Healing from Trauma (Tilda Norberg), It Was A Miracle: Stories of Ordinary People and Extraordinary Healing (Kamila Blessing), Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith (Anne Lamont), In The Heart Of The World: Thoughts, Stories & Prayers (Mother Teresa), and Behold The Beauty of The Lord: Praying with Icons (Henri J. Nouwen). 

For Body, I will walk each day, regardless of the weather or time of day, and refrain from drinking sodas.

For Soul, I will LEM Monday nights before the Simple Supper/Lenten Program, and attend the weekly Wednesday morning Eucharist.

Hopefully, the practice of and obedience to these things will open me to wherever the Spirit leads me, whatever the Lord lays before me, and whoever God places in front of me.  Lord, make me worthy to serve and use me well.  Only through God's Grace.  Amen.


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Feb. 19th, 2009 09:29 pm (UTC)
oooh, dinner! I shall support you fully in your endeavors!
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