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Taking Chance

Add this movie to a growing list of things Home Box Office (HBO) has done really well.  It was both honorable and honoring.

Some friends came over to watch "Taking Chance" with us, and I'm glad we shared this experience.  It was powerful.

At one point, I watched Kevin Bacon and saw my friend B.  B is my best friend from growing up who was in a really bad motorcycle accident three weeks ago.  B was a Marine.  That his youngest son's name is Chance is just another one of those things.

Afterward, I thought it interesting this film premiered now while DOD reconsiders media access to Dover AFB where the fallen return back to the United States from the war in Iraq & Afghanistan.  War is hell, but HBO tactfully handled the reality of war without subjecting us to the gore. 

I cannot recommend this strongly enough for your viewing.  It is important.  It should be seen.

Well done, HBO and well done, Kevin Bacon.

Thank you, Lt. Col. Mike Strobl, USMC for your service to our country, and the honor and dignity you demonstrated in this special mission and, dare I say, ministry you offered this fallen comrade. 

And most especially, PFC Chance Phelps, thank you for your service to our country and for paying the ultimate sacrifice in defending our freedoms and liberties.  I regret your loss, and the many others who have fallen before you and since.  Rest in Peace, Marine.