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Puppy Pillow Talk

It's the morning after the night before when Heart Of My Heart left her 'men' at home to go hang out with the Grace J2A kids for their lock-in event.  This was the start continuation (thanks, Ali) of their Confirmation formation.  But it was a quiet, low-key evening at home.  Pretty lazy, in fact.  The boys laid about, and so did their daddy.  We finally went up to bed late.  Thankfully, it was a restful night for the three of us, which is unusual when HOMH is away.  I'm accustomed to her form fitting mine as we slumber, and I miss her when we're apart.  But last night, the boys managed to get a good night's rest with Mom Dog away.  Perhaps because we knew she'd get little sleep herself.

So in the morn, the dogs wanted to get up early but I played deaf.  They eventually settled down and we all fell asleep again.  When they begin to move about a second time, I again ignored their gentle pleas which prompted them both to join me on the bed,  I didn't call them up, they just invited themselves.  I had actually expected to wake with them on me or beside me, but they stayed to their beds throughout the night.  Thankfully.  These are not small dogs.  When they jumped up with me, it felt as if they slowly circled me in a contest of 'who's gonna get dad dog up'.  Mulligan started his overture, but was rebutted because, I'm sorry, he was less than convincing.  Then Gibbs took his shot, using puppy kisses and nibbles which I resisted.  Finally he surrendered to my still form and curled up next to me.  I had earned another hour.

Then Mulligan rolled over on his back, looked at me and started to chirp.  Yes, he chirps.  Or mutters.  Sometimes it sounds like purring.  He is so cute.  Usually when he 'talks', it is loud, excited and boisterous.  Typically when one or both of us comes home or someone familiar comes to visit, and he announces the arrival with a plaintive greeting.  But this one-on-one dialogue this morning was different and special.  It is intimate.  It is unique.  It made my heart both melt and smile at the same time.  Gibbs is always sweet and loving.  But the big guy tries to be stoic and above it all.  Until moments like this.  They sometimes happen when Mom Dog is around, but it seems all the more exquisite when it happens between the two of us.  Gibbs let us have our moment, and I treasured every bit if it.  

Puppy Pillow Talk.  With the big guy.  Lovely, fun, and memorable.  Honey, I'm sorry you missed this.  We missed you. 


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Feb. 28th, 2009 03:26 pm (UTC)
aww, he was lovin' on you when I couldn't! I have him well-trained. But I still love you more! ((I am the Luckiest))
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