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Dare, And It May Come

The tendency around these here parts is that a snowstorm forecast several days in advance never happens.  If our meteorologists think they see it coming, then it doesn't.  Systems peter out, weather blows apart, and it often becomes the storm that never was.  But, on the off chance that it just might, sometimes we have to help it along.  Dare it to come, some might say.  Well, I did my part.  And Hey!  It's here!  Ain't it lovely?  All you younger children may grant me your thanks for deliverance from school this day.  I myself still have school work and other things to do, so frolicking in the snow, except to shovel the stoop, stairs and walkway, is out.  The dogs didn't seem too put out by the snow.  Gibbs loves it and prances around; Mulligan merely tolerates it.  Anyway, this is likely the last icy blast of winter.  So revel in it and enjoy.  Spring will come, the flowers will bloom, and the birds shall sing.  Eventually.