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Weekend Dots

o   Nice gathering with most of Heart Of My Heart's family Friday night for dinner (who's idea was it to go to an Irish Pub during Lent?)

o   He Who Knows How To Love His Wife (HWKHTLHW) loved his wife Saturday a.m. by agreeing to/helping move furniture, swap out rugs, and use newly uncovered dining table to serve her lunch Saturday afternoon.

o   Letter to my bishop finished & sent Ember Day Saturday (after which my father found a grammatical error - GACK!)

o   Partied with a church friend who celebrated her 30th Birthday again (for the 21st time!).  Ate good food, drank good wine, kibbitzed with good friends, and even danced a little with The Wife!  HWKHTLHW strikes again!

o   Church:  singing first, then serving at the altar (I'm beginning to see and hear differently).

o   Heard a good presentation re: our St. Augustine stained glass window (a notorious character; there's hope for me yet!)
o   Sent email to VTS re: being available for my admission interview the week of March 16th.  (As posted previously, finally submitted my application Friday to the Big Old Seminary.) 

o   Sunday was "reach out and touch my family" by calling my Sis, Bro and Paw.  Not all the news is good, but I was glad we talked.  It'd been a while. 

o   Decided it smarter (easier) to highlight glossary terms than type a study list for the 1st vocabulary quiz in NT-Early Christianity.

o   Uncovered the GRE prep stuff (shouldn't brag here - I've had it forever and am only now getting into it).  Prep classes start Wednesday night for the next six weeks.  Test end of April.   

All in all, it was a lovely and kinda full weekend.  REWARD:  I hope to play golf tomorrow with O Rector, My Rector. 


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Mar. 9th, 2009 11:39 pm (UTC)
GRE test prep
I have the GRE-for-dummies book, which I bought before my Doctoral Program decided -- sterling fellow that I am -- that they weren't going to require the GRE for me. Gre for me, how lyrical.

Anyway, it's yours if you want/need it. Comes with a couple of extra practice tests.
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