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I Gotta Hand It To Her


I'm finishing Henri Nouwen's book, Turn My Mourning Into Dancing.  It was a gift from a church friend who is a courageous soul.  She has survived cancer and been an advocate of mine for what seems like a good long while.  I am grateful for her many gifts that she shares with me and everyone else.
Today's message was how interpersonal relations can inform and form us.  And the image used was hands.  Some relations can be clutchy, needy and manipulative.  Hands grasped tightly, one onto the other.  Linking, but confining.  Grab too tight and circulation begins to cease.  Grasp too lightly and things might slip.  And the twining of fingers together, that "inter-digitation", can tighten to a point of pain, where the only thing left to do is retract, retreat and heal.  

However, "two hands resting together, parallel, in a prayerful gesture, pointing beyond themselves and moving freely in relation to one another.  Only in this way can a relationship be truly lasting, because only in the way is mutual love experienced, love that participates in the greater and prior love to which it points."  

This spoke to me.  I realized during prayer today before reading, my hands 'rested together' rather than grabbed at each other.  It was a message.  A very good one.  Thank you, LRW.