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The Calm AFTER The Storm

The VA-DC-MD was hit yesterday by winter weather roaring across the U.S.  Fortunately for us, the forecasters and meteorologists were not exactly on target about their predictions.  Thankfully, while we felt some icy rain and sleet, the majority of it was lovely, fluffy snow.  It was easy to clear away and fun to drive in. 

The weekend weather brought with it many opportunities to love on people.  Friday night, we took in our youngest niece while her mother was away celebrating another daughter's excitement receiving her college class ring.  Saturday included: a Breakfast/Bible Study during which we reflected on the Report of Isaiah's Call (Isa 6:1-13); we went to a high school regionals track meet to cheer on youngest niece (Evan) and her 4x800 relay team; had lunch with my other sister-in-law and her husband; ran errands and did some shopping; and shared dinner with a friend home from college and his family celebrating his 20th birthday.  Finally, Sunday brought an early waking to check the weather as the storm approached; went to church early to check sidewalks and driveways; managed in a lovely breakfast before church; worship and singing; participated in the Christian Forum hour discussion re: sin, evil and death; shoveled some snow and helped cars on the road; picked up a friend in need; let Chrissie have some time with a friend while I did laundry, and more laundry, and even more laundry, watching golf and college basketball; and then waiting for niece's mother and sister to arrive early this morning (Monday) to drive them back home.  Finally, today started with ferrying Chrissie to work, and taking Evan (and her dog, Bailey) back home since school in Alexandria was delayed 2-hours.  WHEW!!

Wow, that sounds like a lot, but it really wasn't much at all.  As I sit here now typing away, our two dogs sleep at my feet, and the 'storm' has passed.  As I reflect on this weekend, I can see it as a 'Storm of Love'.  We believe "Love is a Decision".  Some times, it takes real thought to decide to love; other times, it just happens, and it can keep on happening.  Just because.  It need not be a hard decision, or difficult to carry out.  Just loving on people.  That is what Jesus did way back then.  And that is what Jesus does now.  This is what Jesus wants US to do.  Love one another.  Just "Do it".