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Creator Sky

One of the pleasures of driving Heart Of My Heart to work each day is the sights we enjoy as we near the Nation's Capital.  The skyline is interesting, beautiful and impressive.  Often, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to live where we live, be who we are, and do what we do.  Among the many different things to fixate on along the way, there's the Air Force Memorial, the Pentagon, the Washington National Cathedral, the distinctive spires of Georgetown University, the Washington Monument and the dome of the Capitol Building. 

But amidst all the intriguing architecture and ornaments the world has built, there is glorious sky above.  The early dawn and sunrise during our drive is awe-inspiring.  The clouds masking the sun with hues of purple, pink, yellow and red are absolutely amazing.  I believe there should be a name for that.  My name for it.  I have dubbed it 'Creator Sky'.  I defy anyone to look at such a sight and argue there isn't a benevolent, loving Creator who made it all.  Each day anew.  It is good.  It is all truly and exceedingly exceptional.  Some days, it just gets brighter.  But many times, if you watch, it just gets better and better.  God has a magnificent canvas and God knows how to use it.  We should all marvel regularly at the Almighty's handiwork, for it is undeniably a masterpiece.  Each and every time.

Take time to look, see and reflect on the goodness of this time and place.  It helps get us through those hard and difficult moments. 


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Mar. 20th, 2009 04:56 pm (UTC)
That's no good for me. Sorry. Phhtt!
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