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I've committed to writing a reflection on one of the Stations of the Cross for the Good Friday meditations.

By the time I spoke up, I expected most, if not all, the stations would have been picked already.  So I said I would take an assignment rather than make a selection.  To my surprise, the response has been slow and the options plentiful.  Stations 1-8, 10 and 11 were still available.

I'd written before on #5 - Assisted (Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross) and #10 - Stripped (Soldiers take off his garments).

I chose #2 - Burdened (Soldiers torture Jesus; make him carry the cross beam).

Not quite sure why I was drawn to this station, but the phrase 'cross beam' caught my eye.  The Romans were efficient in the manner by which they carried out capital justice, torture and death.  We think Christ lugged around a huge cross, but it is more likely it was just the cross beam tied across the back of his shoulders. 

Anyway, I now walk with the commitment.  This obligation.  What seemed like a good idea at the time suddenly became a 'burden' when I realized we're past the half-way point of Lent and Holy Week is coming.  The meditation is due to the parish office this weekend.  It's just another thing on my plate to do. 

How petty of me to think of myself as I contemplate once more what Christ did for me, for us, for the entire world.

On a Cross at Calvary.   

Thank you, Lord, for your mercy is great!