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Stations of the Cross #2 - Burdened

For our Good Friday observances, members of the parish write meditations on the Stations of the Cross.  I had a longer first swing at this, but after editing it down, Heart Of My Heart said it became a stronger offering.


Given up, handed over, now starts that torturous walk to Calvary

Burdened by hurt of things done or left undone

Scarred by words when silence could have saved

Thoughts, feelings, urges carry us from The Way into sin and death


Here is the Son of Man, God’s only Son, the Light of the world

Kissed and betrayed, accosted and beaten

Ridiculed, humiliated, whipped and spat upon

ultimately tried and judged


A tree hewn into shape was rough and heavy on purpose

Here’s your cross, Jesus - it waited for you

Foisted upon your shoulders, you buckle

Splinters knit into the wounds of your flesh


Lord, you take that timber for us

Bearing a load we could never carry, not even our part of it

Enduring agony, shame and despair as ugly people do ugly things

Not only the weight of the lumber itself, but what came with it

Sins: Mine, Yours, the works and the mess of all us sinners

Jesus bore our transgressions, yesterday, today and for all of our tomorrows


Lord, you went before us for us, and now we follow

To seek the promise

Hoping salvation awaits us

Needing that glory to be real

Wanting badly for Easter to come


Thank you, Lord - Your work on the cross wipes our slate clean

Again and again and again

You save and redeem of us

Because of that burden you bore – a long time ago to Calvary