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God's Minute: March Thirty-First

Here's today's scripture reference and prayer from "God's Minute", a book published in 1916 that contains 365 daily prayers sixty seconds long for home worship "by the most eminent preachers and laymen in the English speaking world":

Deliver me, for I do not forget Thy law.--Ps. 119: 153.

Our Heavenly Father, with gratitude and confidence we bow together before Thee this morning after the rest of the night.  We face the day, with its untried experiences, in courage and hope, claiming Thy promise, "I will in no wise fail thee nor forsake thee."  We humbly place ourselves at Thy merciful disposal; forgive us, protect us, guide us, use us, and keep us in the thought of Thee all the day.  Reveal Thyself to them that are dear to us, and lead them into Thy peace.  Those who are in any temptation, deliver; or in any sorrow or affliction, sustain and comfort; supply every need of theirs, according to Thy riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
    Give our rulers, we beseech Thee, wisdom and power to administer righteous government; save us from the covetous and proud; unite our people in the bonds of love, constraining them to justice, and mercy, and pity, that those who have may help those who have not, that oppression and poverty may cease from among us.  And may we as a nation understand and fulfill our mission to the world.
    Spread abroad everywhere the knowledge of Thy salvation, and bring in speedily the day of Jesus Christ, in Whose Name we ask all.  Amen.

Rev. George Wells Ely,
Columbia, Penna.