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Looking Again And Seeing Differently

Yesterday, I'd noticed the lovely rocking chair my Spiritual Director was sitting in and asked if it was new.  No.  Hmmm.  Later, I commented on a watercolor hanging in the corner.  She couldn't remember where exactly it was - perhaps Germany.  There are some things I hadn't really seen before.  But they've been there all the time.

My Spiritual Director suggested my journey with my recently blinded BFF has me looking for and at things in new and different ways.  It seems every Bible story I read lately is of Jesus restoring sight to the blind.  Those who cannot see, do, and those who can see, do not.  I've been looking twice trying to see more.  For both Brian and for me.

Lord, open our eyes to your magnificent glory and grace.  Show us the ways you would have us walk, and the works you would have us do.  Empower us with that grace and compassion that we might be your faithful servants and loving companions to others along The Way.  Amen.