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Usually in this household, TCFW stands for "too cute for words", but today it meant "too COOL for words". 

Each month, I aim to visit the Washington National Cathedral the first Thursday of the month.  Typically, O Rector My Rector serves as the volunteer Chaplain of the Day and he officiates and preaches at the noon-day Eucharist.  Sometimes the liturgy is celebrated in the Great Choir at the High Altar.  As it is now Spring, today was one of the heaviest tourist days at WNC - the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Tidal Basin is in full bloom, and it's the week before Holy Week.  So today's service was held in the Bethlehem Chapel.  It is the oldest part of the entire cathedral.  RHM+  weaved a lovely homily around how it was no coincidence we were there - as we approach the Passion of Christ and his Resurrection, we are reminded on his birth and Incarnation here on earth.  In Bethlehem. 

After the service, I usually visit with O Rector My Rector.  We share hopes to play golf soon, talk some about my discernment process (now the advent of seminary in August), we catch up on one another's families, etc.  Part of the visit afterward usually includes either seeing something new or hearing some interesting tidbit about the cathedral.  Today was no different.  And yet it was very different - and special.  It entailed a "back-stage pass" of sorts.  There were others from Grace, so our little band went through doors that are usually closed to visitors, step over thresholds usually cordoned off, and rode an elevator we didn't know about.  Sadly, the only camera I had was in my cell phone so the quality is poor, but here's a few of the things we saw:

       A gargoyle above the South transept at WNC                      Circular stairs to the carillon at WNC

           Model of WNC stored in the transept loft                   Roof top view from the South transept at WNC  

T.  C.  F.  W.  !!!