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When I came out from church today, the weather was PERFECT. 

Clear, warm, breezy and nothing but blue sky everywhere. 

I could not get to the car fast enough to start it up, flip the handles in the upper corners of the windshield, and hit that button.  God, please let it work.  Then with a slight lurch, it started moving, pulling back, folding up and nestling down behind the back seat in front of the trunk.  With each second, the brightness exploded more and more as I reached for my sunglasses.  It's finally here!  It's official!  Spring has sprung, and it's time to go topless! 

WOO HOO!  The rag-top man is back!  Time to go cruisin'.  Pop in some tunes and GO, BABY!!

Just look at that picture!  What you see is Bliss, pure unadulterated Bliss!

A-A-A-H-H-H !!!  Life is so very, very good!  Thank you, Lord!