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Channel Cerphe-ing

Sadly, the Washington D.C. Metro area thinks our demographic of rock n' roll dinosaurs is a dying breed and that Classic Rock is "old, slow, washed up music".  D.C. Radio's last vestige of classic rock is going into the dust bin.  It is being replaced by new soft pop or "fresh' music.  Ugggh.  I am so glad I have a vast collection of CDs to give me the tunes I need and want in my car if the radio cannot fill the airwaves.  DJ Don Cerphe (pronouced 'surf') Colwell has been around the area for almost 35 years and he goes off the air after tomorrow, Sunday April 5, 2009.  Talk about "the day the music died".  Thanks for all the rock, Cerphe!  Keep it loud, proud and rockin' hard, buddy!  Keep on rockin' in the free world!