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The Light of Christ

The puppy still groans along with me as I practice chanting the Exsultet.  And he always makes me laugh.  Again, I must remember to not think of him Saturday night when I sing before the Bishop and congregation at the Easter Vigil.  I thought that being a postulant and having been recently accepted to begin seminary in August would make this time feel different for me.  But I find my inspiration is coming from the Religion classes I've taken at NOVA.  Specifically my prof for OT and NT-EC.  I wish he could be present.  Of course, afterward he'd give me a writing assignment to document my experience, with research on the Exsultet itself, including multiple citations and a bibliography.  No, Dr. S, thank you, but you sir may go worship wherever it is that you go to worship.  Heart Of My Heart has suggested that once Gibbs is fully engaged in singing with me, I should quickly switch over to "Hail to the Redskins" so we can get him ready for football season.  Sadly, he didn't take the bait today.  But I am excited to sing this time with +PJL as the celebrant and preacher for what is likely his last visit to Grace Church as our Diocesan Bishop.  In fact, it has been, and contines to be, my honor and privilege.