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Five Things From This Morning's Walk

It was a brisk and glorious morning - no better time to go for my walk.  Here's five things from my 'walk-about':

1)  Sunglasses are a 'must' when walking in bright sunlight and a good breeze.  The glasses serve two purposes - to see the cars coming and going, especially those with drivers who 'slow n' go' rather than coming to a full stop, or fail to use their turn signals.  And in the brisk winds, to shelter the eyes and minimize the tears.

2)  Walking by the local Jewish temple/synagogue, there was a gathering of the congregation amassed outside, wearing prayer shawls.  I could faintly hear the chanting of prayer, but was reluctant to draw any closer to hear better.  It is Holy Week, and any religious observance is welcome to my eyes.  Shalom, my friends and neighbors.

3)  I saw my good friend, El Jefe, walking with his beautiful black lab, Tessa.  It's is always a treat to see someone I know along the way.  Jefe is a walking advertisement for using a personal trainer to kick your #$@ during work-outs.  I'm not necessarily buying it for myself, but it looks good on him.  

4)  Being Wednesday, it's trash day in our neck of the woods.  Most people are very conscientious about keeping the sidewalks clear.  Some are not.  I decided today did not need to become 'make a point' day, so I bobbed and weaved, and zigged and zagged as necessary along my way.

5)  There is a house on Braddock Road with lots of Easter decorations, something in almost every window.  It's lovely and sweet, but with everything being either a bunny or brightly colored eggs or both, I wonder if Easter hasn't fallen squarely into the category of a Hallmark holiday.  Wouldn't it be nice to see crosses with lillies resplendent with red, purple, black or white sashes, or symbols of an empty tomb.  Hmmm.