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A Day In The Life Of ...

Met my guide, trundled off to Morning Prayer, then over for Coffee, into Christian Ethics (topic: Abortion - WHEW!), down to the PC Lab to talk with campus IT guy, over to visit a friend on the administrative staff, off to mid-day Eucharist 'Lutheran-style' (complete with a tree planting in the Grove for Earth Day), - LUNCH - then a quick run home to let the dogs 'strip tanks', back for Biblical Language: Greek (deferred 'cuz they tested the 1st hour), ducked into the bookstore to see a friend, checked out the books for the classes I'm visiting & bought a new book re: marriage in today's church, sat in on last 25 minutes of Greek translation (Yes, it's all Greek to me), then sat in Church Music on Gregorian Chant & Taize', and finally finished up with Evening Prayer.

Well, that was MY day.

And it was ALL FUN, ALL DAY.

Momma said "Don't be wishin' your life away", but I am so looking forward to the beginning of seminary this summer.

(Someone be sure to remind me of this excitement now when I'm crunching in August through the immersion in Greek.)