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Government Efficiency or Good Timing?

Today was the last day to renew my Business License with the City of Alexandria without incurring additional fees (aka fines).  

Fully expecting this would require a lot of time with the masses (some 'doing time', mostly 'waiting time'), I loaded the parking meter outside City Hall with quarters for the two-hour maximum.  I went directly to the Licensing Office to have my paperwork processed, then was sent off to Finance to pay my fee, then returned to Licensing with my paid receipt.  Well, I must admit (happily) the City of Alexandria government workers are efficient and effective.  I also acknowledge that arriving at 8:30 a.m. constitutes good timing.  The total time from door to door was ten (10) minutes to obtain my 2007 Business License as an Independent Contractor providing Pet Care Services in Alexandria.  

The $1.50 I spent for parking was worth it.  I love living here!