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Well, they're done and so am I.  Thankfully, my head did NOT explode.  But the Big Old Seminary may think twice about the invitation they extended to me.  I was calm, and used all the time provided while I was tucked away in an isolation booth away from others (which was probably good).  In retrospect, I may have "guessed" better at the math stuff than actually performed in the verbal. And the test felt different from the practice stuff I'd been doing to prepare.  Fewer questions in reading comprehension, but it seemed there were more sections to trudge through.  That I'm not a fast reader may have worked against me.  Anyway, if the worst that happens is the BOS labels me a "special needs" student and offers me any/all the help to get me through the next three years, so be it.  That isn't such a bad proposition. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a bar stool or chair with my name on it at the 'cheapest ticket in town' venue, and it awaits me.  Please reference the image above to see what I'll be doing shortly.  Thank you all for all the prayers.  They did help me get through it.  Peace & Cheers.