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The Two Week Push and Beyond

School is coming to a close.  And none too soon for me.  It is beginning to feel like lots of listening and note-taking, research and writing, waiting and watching.  I'm in good with both my classes and should maintain my stellar GPA.  I know I really should enjoy this now because it'll be a whole new ballgame beginning in August.  Between the end of school (in 2 weeks) and the start of August term at the Big Old Seminary, I hope to get back to the Y for more exercise (lifting, maybe some swimming, and definitely the sauna).  I'm considering a brief retreat away to clear my internal register.  I have my intranet access to the BOS and among the many things I found there is a suggested summer reading list.  There are primary and secondary recommendations for the areas of Biblical Field, Church History, Global Christianity, Homiletics, Liturgy & Music, Pastoral Theology, Theology & Ethics, and Writing Aids.  It's nice that at the top of the list is the advice 'There's this book you might have heard of... it's called the Bible... you might want to read that before you get here'.  Hmmm, good idea.  That and flash cards to get a leg up on Greek.  I'll be writing again to my bishop (Ember Day), followed by a postulant formation retreat the end of June.  Heart Of My Heart will likely be in Italy (Milan & Rome) on her birthday in July while Amazing Niece takes a class abroad.  Hopefully I can get HOMH to leave with me afterward for Myrtle Beach to get some sun, surf, suds and golf in before the new school mill gets going.  That sounds like a fair birthday gift exchange to me.  Yes, these are most definitely exciting times.