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Come Be Among Us

We went to the Celebration of a New Ministry at my brother-in-law's church in Fairfax Station.  Their new vicar was newly back in the diocese and had previously done some supply work at Grace.  The preacher for the installation was a former assistant at Grace, and now rector of her own parish in Great Falls.  The Bishop presiding is our Suffragan - he & we go way back.  So it was fun to be the representatives from Grace, Alexandria to support D-D in her new ministry.

Two things struck me during the service this afternoon:

First, the variety of gifts presented to the new vicar, and the symbolism behind each:

A)   Bible + Book of Common Prayer = be a person of prayer & meditation
B)   A ewer (vessel) of water (from the Bishop) = help me baptize in obedience to our Lord
C)  TEC/Diocesan Constitution + Canons = obey these canons and be among us to share in the councils of 
         this diocese  
D)  Gospel Book = be among us as one who proclaims the Word
E)   Keys to the Church + Chair Covering = let the doors of our Church be open to all people, and be among us
         as the 3rd Vicar of St. PITW.
F)   Stole & Chasuble = be among us as pastor & priest
G)  Bread & Wine = be among us to break the Bread and bless the Cup
H)  Cruet of Oil + oil stock = be among us as a healer & reconciler
I)    Personalized Podium = be among us as a leader of liturgy
J)   Plant + Nametag = be known among us as one who grows where you are planted
K)   Sunday School curriculum + Children's Chapel Cross = be among us in the teaching of the Word
L)   Hymnal + Renew song book = be among us in song and praise to God
M)  Visitor's Book + a loaf of bread = be among us in welcoming others in their walk with Christ
N)  Tray symbolizing hospitality + fellowship = be among us in our joyful celebrations as people of God
O)  A Floor Plan of future phases on church construction = be among us as together we grow this church
P)   A Budget and copy of financial accounts = be among us good stewards of this church
Q)  A basket symbolizing Outreach activities + ministries = be among us in service to others
R)  A prayer shawl = be among us in pastoral care to one another

The Bishop concluded saying "D-D, let all these be signs of the ministry which is mine and yours in this place."


Second, I loved the Invitation issued to the Eucharist:

"Come to this table, you who have much faith and you who would like to have more; you who have been here often and you who have not been for a long time; you who have tried to follow Jesus and you who have failed; come, it is Christ who invites us to meet Him here."

Really Nice.

What a wonderful occasion and a lovely celebration.

Of course, it didn't hurt that the Bishop, Bishop's wife, rector friend and new vicar now all know I start seminary in August.  It's never too early to begin scouting out parishes for possible field work opportunities next year.


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May. 4th, 2009 09:42 am (UTC)
Actually, Brother Dave, it's DeDe.
Which, apparently, isn't a nickname!
May. 4th, 2009 09:48 am (UTC)
Re: Actually, Brother Dave, it's DeDe.
Brother Rod, may I remind you I met her before ST. PITW knew of her. I typically use initials and not 'full' names. Thanks.
May. 5th, 2009 10:48 am (UTC)
Re: Actually, Brother Dave, it's DeDe.
Mercy even for Pooh-bah!
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