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Turning The Page

I wrote the final two papers (of a total 23) for my New Testament-Early Christianity class and turned them in tonight, and believe I just 'aced' the final quiz.  No worries here.  I'm getting an 'A' in this class.  My prof, who has an M.Div., had asked me to bring in my class notes from last semester's Survey of the OT session.  He then asked if he could review my notes from our NT-EC class.  It seems as though he's preparing to offer these classes again, and wanted benefit of a student's note-taking to see just how he covered the class material.  I was a little reluctant to hand over my notebooks, but he assured me I'll get them back along with the last graded papers and final quiz.

I'm pretty sure I'll carry the 'A' in my Religions in America class also.  There's no more work for RIA, so going Thursday night is a mere formality to support classmates who have yet to present their final project.  My presentation last week involved a PPT which centered on a T-shirt I bought at The House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach, SC almost 11 years ago.  The front says "Unity in Diversity" and the back has symbols representing eleven different religions or philosophies of faith.  I had researched each faith system, and more specifically, the symbol representing each.  My prof, who also has an M.Div. (from the fine institution I'll start at in August) seemed to enjoy it a lot. 

[Starting from One o'Clock and moving clockwise, there's 1) Indigenous/First Peoples, 2) Christianity, 3) Zoroastrianism, 4) Buddhism, 5) Shinto, 6) Judaism, 7) Jainism, 8) Taoism, 9) Hinduism, 10) Sikhism, and 11) Islam.  And before anyone slams me for the controversial use of the Star & Crescent for Islam, I am not responsible for the silk-screen image.]

Anyway, this is all to say my time at NVCC is (almost) through.  DUN and Bradstreet!  YAY!!   It's been a good exercise to get back into school, and to work (sit, listen, read, write & test) at earning grades.  I'm really glad I included this as part of my overall discernment process.  I feel like my biblical namesake.  I've faced that huge giant before me (academics) and I took him down!  WOO HOO!

It's now time to rest and relax a bit before starting on Greek and chipping away at the seminary's recommended summer reading list.