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Protoplasmic Goo

Heart Of My Heart gives me permission from time to time to do certain movies without her.  Some films just plain do not interest her.  Others have aspects about them that she cares not to watch.  Still others sometimes are too hard to see.  Movies are generally meant to entertain us, and mostly they do that very well.  But some movies, or parts of them, can hit too close to home.  HOMH will endure books which involve something bad happening to dogs, but she does not want to see it in any movie.  So, with the first day without school work, no required reading, or papers to write, I decided to watch a movie.  There were any number of movies to choose from on pay-per-view.  I picked "Marley & Me".  If you don't know the story, didn't read the book, or haven't seen the movie, the main character Marley is a precocious yellow Labrador dubbed "the world's worst dog".  For the last 15 minutes, I was blubbering my head off, with our two curious dogs watching me very carefully from the other room.  All I can say is I could never play that one scene so stoic like Owen Wilson when the dog is being euthanized.  Come on, go ahead and cry, ya big dope!  I was protoplasmic goo!  Sniff!