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Sixty Seconds Of May 7th For God

Here's today's scripture reference and prayer from "God's Minute", a book published in 1916 that contains 365 daily prayers sixty seconds long for home worship "by the most eminent preachers and laymen in the English speaking world":

Let us lay aside . . . . the sin which doth so easily beset us.--Heb. 12: 1.

     Our dear Heavenly Father, 'tis Thy hand that opens for us the gates of the morning and draws about us the curtains of the night.  We thank Thee for all the blessings that enrich our days, for the watchful care that shields us from evil, for the strength of body and mind with which to perform daily tasks and duties.  Truly Thy compassions fail not, and there is no measure to Thy love.  Thou dost care for each of us as if each were Thine only child.
     To all Thy love and grace may we respond with a life dedicated wholly to Thee.  Help us to glorify Thee by consecrating to Thee every affection of our hearts and every work of our hands.
     May we do nothing which Thou canst not approve, ask nothing that we cannot receive from Thee, nor go where we cannot go with Thee.  Blot out from the book of Thy remembrance our many transgressions.  Strengthen us that we may shun every allurement of sin, and grow daily in the knowledge and love of our Saviour, so that when we nightly pitch our moving tents we may be a day's march nearer home.  We ask it in the Name of Jesus.  Amen.  

Rev. G. Arthur Fry,
Pittsburgh, Penna.