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What's Next?

Thank you, Northern Virginia Community College! 

You've done your thing and served your purpose, and I've done well by you.  Thanks for your time, the opportunities, all the work, and the experience! 

Now summer begins and all that goes with that.  Which is ...

  + maybe drinking the kool-aid at MacIntosh and springing for a Mac book ...

  +  looking for the books I ordered off the Big Old Seminary "suggested" summer reading list ...
  • Foolishness to the Greeks: The Gospel & Western Culture  [Global Christianity]
  • An Introduction to Pastoral Care  [Pastoral Theology]
  • Mysteries of Faith, New Church's Teaching  [Theology & Ethics]
  • Peoples & Empires: A Short History of European Migration, Exploration & Conquest, from Greece  [Church History]
  • The Preaching Life [Homiletics]
  • Seminary Student Writes  [Writing Aids]
  +  reading those books, as well as .... the Bible

  +  doing some preliminary work towards NT Testament Greek (and maybe OT Hebrew too)

  +  Postulancy Formation Retreat (later in June)

  +  and hopefully plenty of good weather, golf, & cold beer

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