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Tackling The Hard Questions

Consider the advancement of civilization.  Have you ever pondered how we slipped out of the primordial ooze (should you subscribe to Darwinism) or moved beyond the earliest tribes of humankind (Creationists here) to see our present day and time, with all its wonder, comforts and cares?  I believe only by the grace and mercy of a loving Creator who didn't smite us off the face of the earth for all our waywardness.  But also due to the willingness of others to tackle hard questions.  Fortunately, the abilities of active minds from ages past have not been lost amid the progress we've seen since the dawn of time.  There are some among us who still wonder why and seek to know how.  I admire them.  All of them.  Young and old.  Especially the young.

A quick stop at church this morning to inventory the fridge for tomorrow's breakfast bible study was greeted with a gift of wonder.  The auditorium had table displays by various students of our Grace Episcopal School.  It's their own version of a school science fair.  Nicely done, and quite informative.  I had to stop and see.  There are good presentations from young minds tackling hard questions:

Which ball bounces highest when dropped from a stationary point 12 feet high?

Which diaper holds the most liquid?

Does a skateboard go faster on a non-steep hill vs. a steep hill?
The tempting taste of chocolate: Which product taste best?

Who balances better on the balls of their feet: Boys vs. Girls?

Which tastes better: Sprite at varying degrees of temperature?

Water Balloon Weight Wars: Which travels farther (0.4 lbs vs. 1.0 lb)?

Which tastes better: Pumpkin Bread baked with sugar vs. Splenda?

Red or Blue Food Dye: Which completely colors a glass of water it faster?

Will water with salt evaporate faster than water with no salt?

Does baking soda make water hotter or colder?

Will omitting an ingredient from a recipe affect its taste?

Which kind of juice cleans pennies best?

I must say I like our chances on the future.  There are good minds at work.  I believe we will do well by them.  I urge everyone to encourage these imaginative thinkers wherever they are, in whatever they are doing, and for as long as they are willing to go at it.  They are tackling the hard questions, in their own way, in their own time. 

And I will say it here: Not always is Youth wasted on the young.  Thank the Good Lord for that.