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Random Acts of Kindness.  I witnessed one today, and was fortunate to be party to another as well.

My customary 'long' walk takes me along a good stretch of Quaker Lane, a  busy thoroughfare around North Ridge and Fairlington.  As I approached one of the larger intersections, I noticed a man on the opposite side with a cigarette in one hand and a walking cane in the other.  It was a red and white collapsible kind.  I recognized it because my friend B now has one.  A cane for the blind.  They work well for safe walking, but out in the world, it doesn't stop traffic very often.  However, his cane was different.  It did stop traffic.  As I called out to offer him assistance, I noticed the queue of cars ready to turn in three different directions.  They'd all stopped.  Sensing something unique was happening, I strode out into the intersection to the other side.  As I approached, I hollered that the traffic had stopped and that I'd escort him across.  And all the drivers waited.  Once we got to the other side, he thanked me and moved on.  As I turned to resume my walk, the cars were still there.  Stopped.  They hadn't moved.  They waited for me to cross back over before they went on their way.  I waved to each, and thanked them all.

For all the grousing I do, sometimes rather loudly, as I drive or when I'm walking about how dangerous it can be out there, every once and again, something wonderful happens.  That was today.  It was there.  It was them.  Thank you all again.