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A Well-Deserved Victory

Yes, I am a "Dancing With The Stars" geek!  Often, school has kept me from seeing much of it, but I turn it on as soon as I get home.

This Season Eight final was probably the best yet, and fittingly, at least from my perspective, the best dancer took the glitter dance ball trophy.  Shawn Johnson, the 17-year old, too cute for words, Olympic gymnast and gold medalist, and her dancing partner Mark Ballas were declared the winners. 
Dancing With the Stars picture

She grew up a lot on this show.  I'm happy for her.  The others were quite good as well, but little Shawn really brought it the last three weeks.  The athlete in her knew when to turn it on and the right time to peak.  If that means she stole, so be it.  She won it.  Deservingly so. 

Congratulations to them both!  Now bring on Season Nine!