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Congratulations VTS Class of 2009

I've just finished viewing the streaming video of Commencement at the Virginia Theological Seminary.  Congratulations to all in the Class of 2009.  At the start, the Dean mentioned he'd hoped everyone had seen the advertisement in today's Washington Post recognizing all the graduates.  So, of course, I went scurrying for the paper to find it.  This was a very classy act of the institution I join in August. 


I regret this scan doesn't show it well.  If you have today's Post, the ad is on Page A2 in the front section of the paper.

BTW, I guess this now makes me an incoming Junior** seminarian at VTS.  WOOT!

** For the uninformed, this seminary is a 3-year M.Div. program; classes are Junior (Yr1), Middler (Yr2), and Senior (Yr3).