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Soothing Pools and the Elixir of Life

We're in Phoenix to celebrate a goddaughter's graduation from college and her sister's graduation from high school.  Their parents are dear, dear friends of ours - the mother is Heart Of My Heart's BFF from college.  We arrived last night and had a leisurely settling in which has continued into today.  Tonight is the big party at the house to celebrate the momentous occasion of both these fine young ladies who are both wonderful and beautiful to boot.  This afternoon, once we'd done our errands to prepare for tonight, was spent in their pool and jacuzzi with plenty of ice cold beer to placate us.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed swimming and lounging about in cool waters on a bright and warm day.  This is a most gracious way to unwind with friends and recognize the changing of fortunes.  Indeed, blessings surround us now and we are grateful.

HOMH bought two books as we waited for our flight to depart yesterday afternoon.  I was quickly drawn into Anne Rice's second book in her Christ the Lord series, The Road To Cana.  It's a interesting look at the life of Jesus, structured on the biblical narrative, as he comes to understand who and what he is.  I'm enjoying it very much and will try to finish now before the party begins.

It is a sweet time to be away.  I pray God feels near to all and is tending to everyone's needs.  I know that to be true.  Even sometimes when we don't always know it.  I hope each of us will think to be good to one another.  Peace now and always.