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Fleshing Out Jesus

The other day, I finished Anne Rice's book The Road to Cana from her continuing Christ the Lord series. This second book (that follows Out of Egypt which I have yet to read) covers his life from age 30 prior to his baptism by John bar Zechariah in the River Jordan up through his first sign (miracle) at a wedding in Cana.  There have been many times when stories in the Bible seem too brief, very matter-of-fact, and lacking some background.  I appreciate Rice's attempt, which I believe to have been very prayerful, to "flesh" out this man named Yeshua bar Joseph.  There is much about how he begins to understand who and what he is, how he struggles with his humanity, and makes sacrifices along the way long before his suffering on the Cross.  God felt very close as I read this.  I liked her essay at the close of the book which spoke of her inspiration for the series and explanation for the many characters in her fictional depiction of Jesus - some scripturally-based, others found through history.  Lastly, I appreciate Rice saying should anyone be offended by her attempt to present the hidden life of our Lord and Savior that they immediately put it down and never pick it up again.  Who's to say she's wrong.  I believe her personal revelation is inspired, and it is my hope and prayer that her depiction of Jesus is something others who know him not may read, see and begin to grasp from themselves.  I recommend it.