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He'll Play For Someone Else Now

Saddened, but not necessarily suprised... the Redskins released Jon Jansen, their longest tenured player, today.  He's been a good Redskin in the locker room, and on and off the field.  Stephon Heyer is huge, and I think he needed some more work before becoming the guy.  Maybe he's ready.  And I guess they feel they have sufficient back-ups in other people.  I wish the 'Skins had given Jansen the benefit of an earlier release if they determined it was time to move in another direction.  Jon is a class guy, and he can still play.  Someone will be picking him up pretty quickly.  Hopefully no one in the NFC East.  Good Luck, "Rock".  I'll miss you.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop and Coach Joe Bugel ("Buges") to walk away.  This may signal the end.  We'll see.