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V.V.I.P. Treatment

Today I spoke with the Director of NASA's Space Operations Division/External Relations here in Washington, D.C.  He informed me of some wonderful news:  my friend B, his son C, and I will be granted "VVIP" (yes, that's Very, Very Important People) status this coming weekend to view the Endeavour Shuttle Launch. 


As he (the husband of a DOC colleague of Heart Of My Heart) started spouting off acronyms such as OSB, KSC, and CCAFS, my head began to hurt from the H-U-G-E grin that spread across my face.  I actually knew that OSB = Operations Support Building, KSC = Kennedy Space Center, and CCAFS = Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.  I have followed NASA stuff for a long while, starting with Gemini VI in 1965 and most, if not all, of the Apollo missions.

We'll be catching an "O-dark-thirty" shuttle (small 's') bus to KSC's OSB to witness the launch from the 5th Floor Observation Deck.  By my best guess from looking at various maps, etc., our vantage point will be at least 8 miles closer than the general viewing public.  AS offered a small bit of advice: bring a camera but WATCH the launch, it's a once-in-a-lifetime event.  Oh, don't I know.

WOOT!  I am a 'geeky-eyed missle kid".  I've always wanted to view a launch in person.  I am a personal benefactor of a truly wonderful gift, and while I'm sorry HOMH and I will not share this together, I am happy to facilitate this for my blind friend and his young son.  These are big-time blessings, and the gratitude I feel welling up inside me is hard to contain.  My face may crack!!

We pray for open roads, clear skies, subtle winds and lofty pursuits.