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It's a Wonderful Adventure So Far!

The boys' five day, "scratch-n-sniff" road trip (Heart Of My Heart's reference to our journey) to Florida for the Shuttle launch is going very well.  We made excellent time through the Commonwealth to slip the bonds of Virginia, but hit some intermittent road work in North Carolina.  Fortunately when we stopped for gas the first time, the timing was perfect because a humungous storm blew through while I began re-fueling the car, and we decided to stop for dinner as the storm unleashed its fury.  Truly, I was extremely happy to not be out on the highway.  Then we continued on our way and made it 2/3 of the way through South Carolina before pulling over for the night.

Today's drive was nice as we flew out of South Carolina, through Georgia, and arrived alive in Florida.  Driving out to A1A (Astronaut's Avenue) and Cape Canaveral, it was everything I could do to not blow the surprise for my best friend's 6-year old son, C.  We got to our hotel, and everything seemed to fall right into place.  I think everyone who is anyone must be here for Endeavour's final launch.  We had some pool time, during which my blind friend B walked all the way around to pool unassisted to buy us beers.  To say I was happy for my friend would begin to capture it appropriately in words.  We went out for a lovely steak dinner with a good bottle of red wine, stopped for some cold ones, and returned to put young space cadet to bed.  All he knows right now is that we here for something special and that we'll be rousting him early to go.  I think my subtle hint when I bought all of us Kennedy Space Center pool towels with the shuttle on it was totally lost on him.  No worries.

Things will be happening tomorrow.  God bless the crew of STS-127, and may the skies be clear, the winds slight, and the crowds excited.  It truly is my honor to share this moment with my friend and his son.  God is very, very good, indeed! 


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Jun. 12th, 2009 09:41 pm (UTC)
I love you and will be watching closely in case that supercute young space cadet attracts a camera or two. God's speed and Angels' wings to Endeavour and you all!
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