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Going Topless: Bring On Spring!

Today, the weather was far more nice than I could have ever expected, especially with the huge storm pattern that came tearing across the U.S.  Once the wind began sweeping the clouds away, the sun broke forth, and the sky was nothing but blue, it was only a matter of time.  I anxiously watched the thermometer on my car, hoping those magical numbers might materialize that would compel me to do it! 

58,.. 59,.. 60,.... 61, .... 62, ....., 63,  No, ... wait!..........64, Oooooooooooh..... 65, WOO HOO!!

SUPR FAN (the Sebring convertible) dropped its top, and the vast expanse of God-made heavenly sky (Nothing but blue sky, blue sky, blue sky..didi didip, didi didip!) opened above me.  SWEET!  I kept the windows up because the breezes were still whipping about, but to say the glow of the sun was rejuvenating would be an understatement!  It was Life-giving even!  Phototropism!!  (Go to the light, Carol Anne, go to the light!).  I am pretty sure I have a little chlorophyll in my blood stream.

Yesterday was the first day of meteorological Spring!  But today was the first day of Spring according to David!

Bring It On, God!  I am so ready for Spring.  If it had been dry out, I would have longed to be out on a golf course somewhere.  Soon!