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Exactly eleven minutes ago, my cell phone which had been programmed to ring as an alarm clock chirped.  Then 15 seconds later, the faulty, but just as dependable hotel clock blasted a load of AM static into the room.  Finally to verify, my friend B used used his audible watch to confirm the time was 1:45 a.m. EDT, or 0145.  We were ready to rise for pre-flight prep and so on.

Two minutes later, my cell phone sounded again, however not as an alarm clock, but rather as a phone.  My NASA contact was calling her VVIP guests to advise the day's launch of Endeavour had been scrubbed due to a leak on the ground.  I believe she tried to offer some specifics to justify the delay, but the most important information was the launch was delayed for at least four days.  Sadly, that exceeds the parameters of this trip, and we will likely miss our opportunity to witness a shuttle launch in person.

My friend B is a wise man.  He had purposefully decided to defer from telling his 6-year old son exactly what our adventure was about, until such time as we knew (as well as possible) it was a 'go'.  C had no idea we were hoping to visit NASA's Operation Support Building to see the launch.  Now our trip is likely about beach, sea shells, sun burns, and the two crazy men who took him to Florida and back.  One crazy man is his father.  C knows him and loves him so much.  The other crazy man is 'Mr. D'.  

I'm sorry this won't happen for them, or for me.  I had such high hopes for myself as well.  But I am powerless, and left to wonder if my excitement so early in all of this has now become a lesson of sorts.  Not everything goes as scheduled.  'Poop happens'.   Our road trip will continue, and the good Lord only knows where we'll go or what we'll do.  But it will still be fun.  Of that, I am assured. 

Now its back to bed.