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We're Almost Home

The dang internet at the Cocoa Beach hotel was down the last day and a half.  So I'll have to catch-up on everything later.  

The Three Amigos pulled over tonight into Dunn, NC on the way home.  The drive today had been most excellent until the last hour which was heavy laden with rain.  The angels I pray around the car did their work today.  There was this ignorant van driver talking on his cell phone, totally oblivious we were right next to him, when he began to pull over into our lane.  I practically anticipated him and the horn blast was almost instantaneous.  I'll be glad to be back home to Heart Of My Heart and my boys.  Traveling with B, who is blind, and his 6-year old son, C, has been most interesting.  I've tried to help C learn how to walk his dad.  He's had some success, with much trial and error, but I understand the youngster gets easily distracted (so do his 17-year old son and 14-year old daughter apparently).  B and I have had some really good time together, and even got a little theological sitting around the pool one evening.  I need to chew on that a bit more before I share anything.  

Anyway, we're almost home.  I love my friends, but miss my family.  Soon, sweetheart.  I'm coming, boys.  Daddy will be home tomorrow.