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Joy is in the coming home.  And I am glad to be back with Heart Of My Heart and the boys.  The angels did their work to guide us home safely.  Thank you, Lord!  A nice leisurely stir-fry dinner with wine, an intimate candlelight conversation, and eventually off to bed together.  Aaaahhhh!  I love our bed, and had missed having HOMH by my side.  Woke early this morning, intending to watch the shuttle launch via NASA.TV, but they were scrubbed again due to a dangerous hydrogen leak (and won't try again until mid-July).  So I trundled back to bed for my coffee and the newspaper as HOMH prepared for work.  She is glad to have her chauffeur back, and I am happy to be back in familiar surroundings.  We are so blessed, and may I always remember to tell God just how grateful I am.  

Life is good, and God is Great!