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The 6-day sojourn to Cocoa Beach provided me little to no chance to do much walking.  Shepherding my blind friend B and his 6-year old son C was pretty much full-time duty.  I was happy to do it.  But I did not get out for my customary walk(s) during the course of the day and night.  And I missed that.  A lot, much to my surprise.

So today, it was back to plan and order.  The trash and recycle were quickly out to the curb, followed by the crating of the hounds, running Heart Of My Heart into work, back home for devotions over coffee, a small breakfast, and some surfing of the web.  Since the weather remained overcast without getting wet, I threw on my walking watch and shoes, grabbed my bottle of water, and hit the trail.  Aaahhh.  It felt really good to get out to stretch my legs.  

There was a cool breeze and a light drizzle began while I was out.  After mid- to high 90s temperatures and 100+ degree heat index, the coolness was almost refreshing but produced a bit of a chill.  That only encouraged me to trudge along harder and faster.  Perhaps a bit too aggressive after the 6-day hiatus, but I don't ache anywhere now that I'm back home. On my walk, I can see the tower of the signature building on the Big Old Seminary campus poking out above the tree line. It's my daily reminder of opportunities to come and things accomplished.

Last night as we sipped wine and sat together basking in candlelight, Heart Of My Heart told me all about Youth Sunday this past weekend.  The Prayers of the People were led by 'Be Glorified" on guitars, the EYC kids preached the sermon (and read Graduating Niece's part of the sermon since she's working with older sister at St. G's), and so on.  Apparently, O Rector My Rector used the announcements as a time to thank teachers and youth sponsors for their work with kids young and old.  But he also chose the moment to single out HOMH (and us) for working with the youth over the years. Since I was away to Florida, she had to represent for both of us.  Poor thang!  HOMH is quite the sap, so expressions of gratitude are lovely and even appreciated, but they always seem to produce tears which float her eyes and clog her nose and throat, making it difficult for her to speak.  Anything.  Really it is kinda cute.  But hard for her when I'm not available to be stand-in as mouthpiece.  

Now we have a lovely framed picture of the Nave adorned for Christmas which it how it looked (sorta) when we married. We realize the journey we're now on will eventually take us away from this wonderful place and these wonderful people of God who have lifted us up, but we're not exactly pulling up our tent stakes just yet.  

"For we walk by faith, not by sight" (2 Corinthians 5: 7).  We will obediently continue the journey by putting one foot in front of the other.  We're not gone yet.  Things are shifting around some, but we're still here.  God is Good.  Life is Great. We are ever grateful.  I'm laying down some things, but we remain, and always will be, people of Grace.