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Now It's Getting Real!

The Big Old Seminary released materials yesterday to register for August Term, and plan for Fall Semester (1Q/2Q) classes.  The first decision was which Biblical Language to take.  Faculty from the Old/New Testament departments provided a paper to help with making that decision.  I really wanted to take Hebrew, but my practical side had me leaning toward Greek (No RGMcF, I did not take Greek at NVCC).  As I mulled it over, I sounded out some friends:   

MT, a new alum of the BOS offered "If you like a clear set of rules (a whole lot of them) so that if you follow the rules, you get the translation, take Greek. If you're creative, a bit of a poet, think laterally rather than linearly, and enjoy jigsaw puzzles, take Hebrew. I did Greek before I came to seminary (having done Latin in high school back in the Dark Ages) and found it okay but a little boring (blasphemy, right?). I took Hebrew at VTS and adored it. Be aware that your middler year will be a bear, so you may not want to take two languages back to back, IMHO."  Well, I do like jigsaw puzzles.

CW, a rising senior at BOS chimed in with "LOVED Hebrew! Face it, this is the best chance you will have to get started on it; Greek courses are much easier to find. And, Hebrew IS poetic and wonderful."  C, Heart Of My Heart is THE poet in this household.

IR, a work colleague in my former life at Visa said "
If it were me, I'd start with the left-to-right language."  Always reasonable.  Thank you, Doctor!

Well, I decided to go with Beginning Biblical Greek.  Apparently I can change my mind before classes begin August 12th, but I think I'll stand pat.  I also signed up for Oral Interpretation of Scripture for "prayerful and discerning preparation, increased skill in the use of the voice and the techniques of public reading, and an understanding of its significance in the life of the Christian community."  That's plenty for three intensive weeks starting at the BOS.  So I've registered.  They'll be calling soon for $$$.

Late into last night (and even some of this morning), I starting plowing through course offerings for the Fall Semester.  The usual plan is Biblical Language (continuation)/OT/NT/Church History.  There's also consideration of the faculty sabbatical schedules - who's here, who's not, and when.  The new BOS Student Body President suggested I include a GC (Global Christianity) class as well.  Finally I hope to sing in the Seminary Choir (an 0.5 credit for the semester). 

This morning, I shared with HOMH the fruits of my effort thus far, and my plan to chart out this initial schedule to see what a week might look like.  Her comment was "Yeah, with your organization, Greek is for you!"  Well, okay then.  Onward and upward.


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Jun. 19th, 2009 10:13 am (UTC)
Well, were you THINKING of taking Greek at NVCC?
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