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There was much about Michael Jackson's life that I and countless many found very troubling, even outright disturbing.  And to say he was an incredibly graceful talent in a strange shape-shifting shell would be a gross understatement.  Its likely much of his youthful innocence was lost early on due to fame, fortune and his family.  Controversy seemed to haunt him during much of his later years.  But please do not deny that this man was gifted.  

I grew up watching and listening to the Jackson 5, and later Michael as a solo artist and collaborator with other amazing talents.  I will admit here and now - I like much of MJ's music.  To see and hear the reaction of the world to the news of his passing today is quite amazing, whether you cared for him or not.  Certainly he was not everyone's cup of tea, but Jackson grew from a pop star into a cultural icon.  At times, he appeared to be a humanitarian with a child's heart who was at odds with his own humanity.  

But what I think I'll choose to remember best was the respect and admiration a truly remarkable dancer, perhaps the greatest the world had ever seen, paid to MIchael Jackson: 

                                “Oh, God! That boy moves in a very exceptional way. That’s
                                         the greatest dancer of the century”. - Fred Astaire

                                “I didn’t want to leave this world without knowing who my descendant
                                   was. Thank you Michael!” - Fred Astaire (shortly before his death)

Jackson most definitely could move.  No doubt about that.  His videos are available all throughout the internet.  But check out some of the home videos on YouTube.com where the King of Pop obviously inspired Joe Q Public to have fun, sing and dance, and spread a little joy.  Amidst all the troubles of his amazing but bizarre life, and the sorrows of this time, MJ sowed seeds of joy all around the world.  Here's one I really like.  Of course, it's at a wedding reception.  Enjoy! 

Rest in peace, Michael, and sing and dance in Heaven.