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Form Me, O Lord, Into A New Creation

More so today than any other day since I said "Yes" to God, the Eucharist felt different to me.  I sensed the Spirit of the Lord moving in me, around me, and through me in a way I had never experienced before.  While there was intentionality in everything I did, there was a fluid nature to everything I felt.  No rushing roar, but no quiet silence either.  It was more like a lazy, babbling brook of comfort and peace. God's Grace was washing over me to begin a change in me.  There were no scrubbing bubbles, no harsh brushing of the heart and flesh, no circumcision, although that may yet come.  Be that as it may.  This has only begun and it is far from being accomplished.  

Today's liturgy and the homily which focused on facing risk and stepping out in faith has recast my eyes and transformed my sight.  I do see, feel and believe God wants me in a new and different way to continue to spread the Good News while beginning to celebrate the sacraments with others.  

This weekend, we have been considering Call, Community and Change.  The change is underway and will continue.  Now it all begins.  I am ready, Lord.  I am clay in your hands.  Use you potter's wheel to craft me into whatever kind of vessel you would have me be to serve and honor you.  I am your servant, seeking to do Thy Will, and to be part of your great works.  Mold me, bend me, make me, shape me.  Be gentle if you can, and firm when you must.  I love you, Lord, and I thank you.  Always, and in all ways.  Amen.