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What an honor and privilege it is to be sent out as a Lay Eucharistic Minister from Grace Church to carry forth Holy Communion to members of our parish unable to join us for worship.  It matters not the reason(s) keeping them from being with us in church.  What does matter is that we go to them.  We have been called to be "the hands and feet of Christ".  So we go out into the world to be with them wherever they are, in whatever circumstances they face, merely to love them as Christ has loved us.  We visit, we catch up with one another, we meet in worship.  We read the Gospel and share what was preached in church, we join together at Eucharist, and we pray together with them, for them and for all of us.  Wherever two or three are gathered together in His Name, Christ will be in the midst of them.  And Christ is there.    

I like that our LEMs are sent out in pairs.  Two by Two.  This is based in scripture (see Mark 6: 7 or Luke 10: 1).  Mostly we visit individuals at home, however sometimes we must go to hospitals, nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities.  Often it is easy to go, and comfortable to be with folks in their own homes.  Other times, it can be hard to go to places where good care is given, but pain is very evident.  I must pray for God's presence in either instance, but sometimes my prayer is more fervent than at other times.  I know that "Only through God's Grace" can we possibly minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I thank our clergy for willingly sharing this ministry with us.  I praise God who enables us with whatever gifts and talents we need as we go.  
"We who are many are one body, because we share in one bread, one cup".  AMEN.


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Mar. 6th, 2007 12:56 pm (UTC)
David, I loved what you said about Home Communion, and I have often felt the very same things as you.

"Is it Lent again already?" That was great!

Cindy Y.
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