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Random Dots: July 2nd

*  Played at http://www.slide.com/ to create latest picture show (see earlier post).
*  Had two priest friends tell me separately I should explore field work parish sites in Washington, D.C.
*  Even with Genesis 22 as the OT lesson at the WNC's noon day eucharist, you can preach without "The Lord Will Provide".
*  Sticker shock from text books for classes at the Big Old Seminary was deferred to another day - there were lots of empty shelves.
*  Glad for an understanding AG President/Crew Leader who 'rolls with it' when a crew member forgets about a golfing conflict.
*  Still loving having a convertible - I'm a ragtop man through and through.
*  6 weeks and counting until August Term begins with Biblical Greek & Oral Interpretation of Scripture.
*  Good dinner with good friends without an ounce of alcohol for anyone - who knew?