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Church Mouse

After a great day of golf and fellowship with Heart Of My Heart and O Rector Our Rector, I had Altar Guild business to honor before returning home to a wonderful meal HOMH had prepared for her parents who were visiting.  They'd actually come over to 'hold down the fort' at the Casa and keep the puppies company since we were away most of the day.  My in-laws are staying with other family in the area, however Amazing Niece was packing to depart for Milan, Italy this evening (HOMH joins here there in 12 days).  There was likely much already going on in that household, and better to make folks to make as much space as possible due to that accompanied it.

Anyway, I went to church to iron albs for clergy for tomorrow's Saturday 4th of July liturgy and Sunday's services, lay out other vestments, and set the chapel for the Hispanic congregation's Sunday morning eucharist.  I was schedule as part of the special Friday Altar Guild crew to ready Grace for the weekend, but had an "OMG" moment as I realized aforementioned golf conflicted with previous committed church obligation.  Thankfully, Madam Guild President and crew leader was very understanding and granted me special dispensation if I would agreed to do vestments and set up for La Gracia.  No problemo!

So while I was setting the altar in the St. John's Chapel, I sensed I was not alone.  There was something stirring, moving about, disrupting my attention and causing a slight distraction.  There was a bit of unease creeping in until I realized there really was something stirring about.  As I slowly and quietly moved from behind the altar, down the aisle toward the door, my ear finally zeroed in on the point of rustling.  There.  In the corner.  In that bag.  I moved in carefully, and with a quick tug, grabbed the cloth handles of the tote bag and scurried out the door, down the steps, and out the building.  I wasn't sure if I'd apprehended the culprit.  I slowly unpacked the bag.  One grocery bag.  Another.  Then another. And finally a box.

There you are!

A little gray critter scurried away from the scene, across the parking lot fire lane to the center island, and into the tree.  I waved goodbye as I watched the tiny church mouse flee from me to seek haven elsewhere.  I was glad he got away unharmed, and that it had been that easy.  It was a nice way to end my day before returning home.  Just another sign of God's Grace.  Thank you, Lord, for your mercy is great! 


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Jul. 3rd, 2009 11:32 pm (UTC)
O Rector, my Rector...
You recall, someday soon to be a Reverend, that the poem you paraphrase here is about a person dying. Or did the Rector REALLY embarrass everyone else on the course today?
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