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Do I look different, act different or sound any different?  Three folks before and after church today addressed me as "Reverend-to-be".  It's fun and I confess to liking it.  I even admit that I've been mulling over a new moniker that, should I use it, I'm shamelessly 'ganking' from someone else, just because it sounds cool and fits with how formation is going:


That 'to be' part resonates with me due to counsel received from my spiritual director.  We've moved from meeting roughly every other week to now once a month.  And this last time she encouraged me to take time before starting at the Big Old Seminary to "just be".  Don't feel like you have to do anything.  Just Be.

So, with a hat tip to now Rev Mibi, I might just try this on awhile and see how it fits.  Rev-2-B-DMC.  Hmmm.