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Random Thoughts, Many Blessings

  o  We see the power of prayer and the community of believers that hold up our friend J, his wife M, and their kids L & C as J copes with surgeries necessary to facilitate nourishment and chemo to fight gastric cancer.  It is hard to see pain, but God's strong hand is moving in, through and all around all of this, and I am grateful.

  o  Friends S & K just welcomed their first child, baby girl I, into the world.  Momma had been coping with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy, but since the birth, her counts have normalized.  Considering how sweet baby girl I is, I started calling her a lovely 'lump of  sugar' (we usually refer to newborns as 'lumps of flesh').  They went home from the hospital yesterday to their new house, which is lovely, and we rejoice in their good fortune.  God is, indeed, very good!

  o  B called yesterday to say he'll be spending a few days at the "Blind School" to be assessed as a candidate; if deemed as such, DORS (Dept. of  Rehabilitative Svcs) will begin processing his claim for enrollment.  The day after his stay his final reconstructive surgery is scheduled to address the upper half of his face.  This is good and happy news!  B has been waiting to get on with this, and it sounds like things are coming together.  There is a synergy here with God's blessing in all of it, and I am grateful. 

  o  There are plans now for my sister L.  She's using a cane to walk now even as PT is underway to address neck (bulging disks) and back (slipped vertebrea) pain while also building up her strength for upcoming knee replacement.  Later action is to address the recurrence of diverticulitis.  She is a strong woman with a high tolerance for pain, and she has borne many burdens for others for a long time now which have taken their toll on her.  Sadly, she had to be scared to understand her humanity, but she's got the word now and many are looking out for her.  I am grateful for her children who love her and care deeply for her.

  o  Every day, I thank God for Heart Of My Heart.  I am so blessed for this gift that she is, and I am ever so grateful for her presence in my life.  She will depart next week to visit Amazing Niece in Milan for the two of them to go to Rome.  HOMH will be in her most favorite city in all the world on her birthday.  I rejoice that she will have that, even if I am not with her. I pray for her safe travel, good journey, and wonderful time, and that she will come home to me.  God is, indeed, very, very good!