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The Reason Why You Don't Pray For Patience

... is because you'll only be given opportunities to practice it .... PATIENCE!

I've always been one to gather whatever information I can ahead of time, to lay out plans with contingencies and prepare accordingly as best I can before doing anything.  Sometimes this organizational skill proves very handy.  At other times, it can be a millstone around my neck.  That is not to say I am incapable of flying by the seat of my pants from time to time should the situation dictate such.  I do butt-flying too.  

But lately, I seem to be grinding a lot about getting information regarding the start of school sooner rather than later.  I'm told the Big Old Seminary is "horribly slow about getting information out in front of events/starts of school" - it apparently aggravates others like me.  But I do realize part of this overall equation includes there being less hands to do the work with most people doubling up on roles/responsibilities, and that the BOS is also in the process of migrating to a brand new computer system.  YIKES!  

I get it.  I'll pray for those who do and provide, those who wait and wonder, and for my own understanding of it all.

Almighty Father, your Seeking Servant prays for guidance (and peace and understanding).  Amen.