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Bright Orb in the Sky

We saw it!  They just passed overhead!  

The Space Shuttle Endeavour & the International Space Station linked together with 13 souls aboard.  

Last night's weather precluded us from seeing anything, but tonight with the dogs in tow, we walked down the street and around the corner.  We waited, hoping the cloud cover would break enough so we could watch it go by.  There were a few false alarms due to clouds moving or high-flying something that barely had blinking lights.  But between 9:26-9:31 p.m. EDT, the window of opportunity, we saw the very bright, fast moving, non-blinking orb move from the northwestern sky down to the southwest.

I missed seeing Endeavour lift off (several times in fact courtesy of NASA.tv), but tonight I saw her fly!  Very cool!  

God Speed, Endeavour, and to the joint crew aboard the Space Station, happy missions.